• 10 GB Web Storage
  • 1 E-mail adress (10 GB)
  • 1 Domains max included
  • Automatic cloud backup
  • Shared web server


  • 250 GB Web Storage
  • 2 E-mail adress (10 GB/adress)
  • 2 Domains max included
  • Automatic cloud backup
  • Shared web server


  • 2 To Web Storage
  • 5 E-mail adress (10 GB/adress)
  • 3 Domains max included
  • Automatic cloud backup
  • Dedicated web server

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Shared & dedicated Hosting?

Shared Hosting is a regular low-cost web hosting solution suitable for the vast majority of personal and small business web sites. For those customers with demanding or high traffic sites, or for those looking to host a web site with faster speeds, dedicated web server is recommended. These plans include more resources (up to 5 CPU Cores & 8GB RAM) and also include caching technology to make sites incredibly fast, with LiteSpeed server-side page cache, along with Redis and Memcached backend caches.

We'd recommend our dedicated server plans for e-commerce stores, high traffic sites, or for those customers who want to leverage our server side caching technology so that their site loads as fast as possible.

Yes. We provide fast support 24x7x365.

We offer extremely competitive pricing on domain names that is often much cheaper than at other registrars. If you prefer, you can still host with Kualo and keep your domains at any registrar you choose.

Yes, we provide a no quibble 60-day money back guarantee on any hosting fees. If you registered or transferred a domain name, these fees are non-refundable but you would be able to use your domain with any other provider. If you received a free domain with your plan, we will refund all your fees less our standard fee to register the domain that you received for free.

Our servers have high end Intel Xeon processors (8+ cores) with at least 32GB RAM. The drives are configured in a RAID array, which provides for protection in the event of drive failure as the data is distributed across multiple disks. In most drive failure instances, we are able to replace the faulty disk without even taking the server offline.

Extremely. We can provide you by mail an overview of the security measures we have in place that keep our web hosting incredibly secure.

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